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For those of you unfamiliar with the Danville Public Schools Education Foundation (DPSEF), we are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to help bridge the gap between the budget our schools receive from the government and what our schools need to thrive. The DPSEF was established in 2002 with the purpose of developing alternative financial resources for Danville Public Schools (DPS). 

The DPSEF also supports educational activities for students and professional development for teachers and staff in the Danville Public School system. The vision of DPSEF is “A Community Invested in Education and Danville Public Schools.”  


In 2019, the DPSEF Board adopted a strategic plan to grow its outreach, fundraising, and impact.  Over the next three years, DPSEF will focus on connecting and engaging the community, delivering financial resources in order to expand student pathways for continued growth, and transforming the way public education is perceived and supported in Danville.  

I firmly believe that a successful organization is one that values the importance of forming relationships with the community and with the population it serves.  The DPSEF is a "hand in hand" collaborative effort between Danville Public Schools, DPS staff, parents, businesses, civic groups, and the entire Danville community to provide opportunities for our students.  

Successfully growing and educating our youth is the top priority! Parents can’t do it alone. Schools can’t do it alone. Understanding this, the Foundation encourages you to join our community effort to strengthen every child, every day, in every classroom.  I humbly request that you consider a donation of your time, talent, and/or financial resources to assist the Foundation in its mission - the impact you can leave on our schools, our community, and the 5,500 students we serve is huge. 

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